Which Platform?

We engineered Pro Line Fusion from the ground up with flexibility in mind. Its scalable architecture, total connectivity, intuitive decision-making tools and advanced situational awareness capabilities enhance safety and efficiency for a huge range of platforms and missions, including the KC-390.

Intuitive graphical interface

Our intuitive icon-based controls make it simpler for pilots with any background to transition into new aircraft types and quickly gain confidence with the avionics. And the industry’s first touch-screen primary flight display – available on some platforms – puts easy navigation and control literally at a pilot’s fingertips.

Synthetic and enhanced vision augment situational awareness


Pro Line Fusion’s high-resolution SVS database fuses with real-time aircraft sensor information to create an intuitive visual environment by adding distinct mile markers, runway highlights, lead-ins and airport domes to help pilots easily identify destination airports. It can also be paired with our multispectral infrared EVS-3000 enhanced vision system to give you unprecedented, real-time imagery of runway lighting (including new LED systems), terrain and obstacles as they appear ahead of the aircraft.

Watchful weather smarts

MultiScan Weather Radar

You can’t control bad weather, but you can avoid it with the available fully automated MultiScan™ weather radar. MultiScan’s state-of-the-art predictive weather analysis and advanced threat detection capabilities give you a complete weather picture to mitigate the risk of inadvertently penetrating thunderstorms.

Flight support services integration

Plane wing view

Because every mission starts long before you arrive at the aircraft, Pro Line Fusion integrates with mobile applications from ARINCDirectSM flight support services to simplify your preparation and reduce crew workload before, during and after your trip.

Flight Support Services

Connectivity enhances predictability and efficiency

From mobile app integration to data link communications and hands-off database subscription management, Pro Line Fusion enhances the predictability and efficiency of your flight and maintenance operations by putting you in the middle of a connected aircraft ecosystem.

Direct data link channels enable reliable communication between pilots and air traffic controllers, simplifying work flow for pilots and ensuring a common understanding of air traffic instructions.

Seamless synchronization with mobile apps and ground-based services helps reduce the likelihood of errors caused by data re-entry, enables faster door-closed to taxi-out times and increases OEM flexibility to field apps that bridge the avionics platform with the aviation information ecosystem.

Pro Line Fusion: FANS-empowered

FANS 1/A data

Pro Line Fusion’s FANS-1/A capability equips your aircraft for access to the airspace over the North Atlantic Ocean and enables reliable communication between pilots and air traffic controllers in oceanic and remote regions across the globe.

Fans 1A Upgrades

Extra peace-of-mind when taxiing

Web signage for AMM

The all-in-one solution for modernization

Pro Line Fusion aftermarket upgrades provide extraordinary, all-in-one alternatives for complying with airspace modernization deadlines. These upgrades bring turnkey compliance with ADS-B, performance-based navigation and more.

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