The connected aircraft is changing how airlines operate. The industry is continuously deploying intelligent aircraft that generate significantly more performance data. As this volume of data increases, it’s necessary to seamlessly unite the flow of data among the aircraft, airline and ground applications.

GlobalConnectSM, Collins connected aircraft solution, simplifies this transition. This set of managed services unlocks the value of the connected aircraft using a full range of nose-to-tail solutions – providing an easy-to-use, turnkey platform for ground tools, value-added applications and messaging/media connectivity.

Since 2017, Collins GlobalConnect has offered the A350 Hosted ground system for Airbus’ Information Management Onboard (IMO). The A350 is an e-enabled aircraft that requires advanced ground infrastructure to support the latest in aircraft communications capabilities. The IMO system connects the avionics to the ground, in addition to connecting the cockpit to both the entire aircraft and the ground to support Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications.

GlobalConnect is currently the only solution that provides the A350 eOperations Ground Hosting together with multiple datalinks, including legacy SATCOM, as well as new Internet Protocol links such as broadband satellite, Wi-Fi and cellular through a single supplier. With new connectivity options comes the ability to provide a more robust pilot experience, including in-flight access to real-time data from the ground. GlobalConnect also streamlines operations by automating the acquisition of safety and performance data from the aircraft.

GlobalConnect for A350 is offered to airlines that are due Airbus A350 deliveries, or those with A350 aircraft already in service, looking for a fully managed eOperations ground system. Irrespective of fleet size, GlobalConnect for A350 is available for any airline operating these aircraft.

For more information on how we can help your airline today, contact us at [email protected]


For more information on how we can help your airline today, contact us at [email protected]