Collins Aerospace's Airshow® 4000 moving maps offer a whole new dimension of in-flight information with dynamic media that keeps pace with air travelers wherever they fly. Its high-power proprietary map engines offer you the greatest degree of flexibility and viewing options and feature moving maps with an unparalleled level of realism.

Airshow 4000 is compatible with today’s most popular IP-based satellite broadband connectivity solutions. This means you get fast delivery of programming content, up-to-the-minute news, financials, sports and weather data, right into the aircraft’s cabin.

We understand the value and importance of your business aircraft. That’s why our Airshow 4000 is compatible with virtually every cabin management system installed today. We make it easy to stay connected to the world below no matter what type of aircraft and CMS system you are flying.

Features & benefits

  • Fully integrated application: Includes multiple types of content and programming seamlessly displayed together.
  • 3D animated maps and specialty maps and applications
  • Innovative time and flight status displays
  • Full-motion video for briefings and other content
  • High-speed broadband enabled capability

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