Our new Griffin™-2 visual display system now takes fast-jet training to the next level with increased performance, lower acquisition cost and reduced life-cycle costs. Combining the proven performance of the original Griffin, along with the latest available technologies, the result is ultrahigh resolution, brightness and contrast for unsurpassed training realism.

Griffin-2 is available as a complete, stand-alone visual training solution or it can retrofit the original Griffin system by replacing its projector package and retaining the current dome and support systems.

Features & benefits

  • Builds on the 10-year legacy of the 150 Griffin display systems and their proven excellence in fast-jet training on F-35, F-16, M-346 and Typhoon trainers
  • Open display architecture enables use of multiple projector types
  • Easily tailored for customized training experiences (display resolution, nightvision goggles, head-up display, etc.)
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low acquisition and life-cycle cost