The Athena 411 gives you attitude and heading measurements with static and dynamic accuracy superior to traditional spinning mass vertical and directional gyros. Developed for compatibility with both Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and military applications, the Athena 411 is an integrated inertial navigation system (INS), GPS, air data/attitude and heading reference system (ADAHRS), and flight control system. It integrates solid-state gyros and accelerometers, a magnetometer, GPS receiver and air data pressure transducers into a single unit. Weighing just 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs), the unit is contained in a rugged, fully sealed aluminum enclosure.

Athena 411 is designed for a long, trouble-free life and performance over full altitude and temperature range to protect from moisture contamination. And this strap-down system is highly reliable – it performs extremely well under stringent military specifications for shock and vibrations.

  • Accurate roll, pitch and heading in dynamic environments and sustained turns
  • WAAS-enabled, differential-ready GPS
  • Kalman filter algorithms for full INS and attitude solution
  • A tactical, low-cost, integrated INS/GPS/ ADAHRS and flight controls system
  • Dual airspeed and altitude air data measurement