From operations on the ground to safety in the air, today's aviation ecosystem is more intelligent and generates data with more volume, variety and veracity than ever before. Sustaining the health and wellbeing of this connected aviation ecosystem boils down to successfully managing the data as it travels continuously across a safe and secure network dedicated for this purpose.

The ARINC Messaging service provided by Collins Aerospace operates on the biggest, private, ground-based aviation network in the world, dedicated to supporting more than 3,000 stakeholders. Our messaging network enables customers to effectively communicate and share vital information with business partners, operators and applications around the world. More importantly, our services operate on a core network that has provided 99.999% reliability on a global basis for more than 20 years.

The aviation industry depends on timely, trusted, transparent and secure exchanges of information to maintain safety in the air and keep ground operations running smoothly. Collins is and remains a trusted partner in getting the right information to the right destination at the right time— both today and into the future.

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