Intuitive design is the hallmark of Collins Aerospace's Integra Portable oxygen cylinder assembly. Engineered for utility, Integra’s enhancements include lightweight composite material, advanced safety features and versatile configurability. The result is an unparalleled user experience for your flight crews.

Ergonomic design

Monitoring and viewing the oxygen supply is simple. A 360-degree swivel pressure gauge enables flight crews to check oxygen supply at any angle – whether they’re doing preflight tests or monitoring oxygen pressure while the unit is in use.

Advanced safety features

A premier safety feature, the “click-stop” flow selector control enables crews to choose between 2 or 4 liters of oxygen with a 30-degree turn between settings – eliminating the need to change between ports.

Reduce weight by 50 percent

Approved by Boeing and Airbus, the ergonomically designed Integra Portable is the lightest weight product of its kind. Its carbon composite cylinder weighs 50 percent less than conventional steel cylinders.

Features & benefits

  • Low total lifecycle cost and ease of maintenance
  • Fits existing brackets and systems
  • Fully interchangeable with existing portables – no retraining required
  • High-pressure safety-relief device
  • DOT-approved cylinders
  • Mask stowage bag and carrying strap
  • Available in various configurations and sizes