With global security under threat, the need for advanced command, control, communications, computing and intelligence systems is greater than ever. Collins Aerospace’s Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) – co-developed in partnership with BAE Systems – offer high-speed, secure sharing of military tactical data links through the Link 16 network.

Multifunctional Information Distribution System - Fighter Data Link - (MIDS-FDL) — meets a reduced set of operational requirements (notably the 50-Watt Power Amplifier) for the USAF F-15. Two of the terminal SRUs are tailored for the MIDS-LVT(3), while four other SRUs and one CSCI are unique. The MIDS FDL terminals have undergone block upgrade 2 (BU2) to meet crypto-modernization, enhanced throughput and frequency remapping requirements.

Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems-Low Volume Terminal - (MIDS-LVT (1)) — a low-cost Link 16 terminal, extension of complementary technologies and proven expertise, which offers a flexible, open-architecture design. It’s the optimum solution for all your Link 16 applications and capable for space and weight constrained platforms, for example; U.S. Navy (USN) F/A-18, U.S. Air Force (USAF) F-16, Rafale and Eurofighter.

Multifunctional Information Distribution System Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS-J) — a four-channel radio that runs the Link 16 waveform and up to three additional communication protocols, including the Airborne Networking Waveform. The system enhances operational effectiveness without consuming more space, weight or power.

Multifunctional Information Distribution System -Low Volume Terminal 2-11 (MIDS-LVT 2-11) — maintain an unmatched level of situational awareness. With its self-contained terminal design, high reliability and multiple standard interfaces, the LVT 2/11 is the terminal of choice for ground-fixed, transportable or mobile applications for situational awareness or command and control.

Multifunctional Information Distribution System on Ship (MIDS-On Ship) — full interoperability with all Link 16 systems, with the added capability of 1,000 watts of RF output power and extensive interference protection features. The core MIDS-On Ship system consists of three main line replaceable units: the MIDS terminal, the Remote Power Supply and the High Power Amplifier Group.

Mobile Integration and Test Environment (MITE) — a configurable data link simulation and testing vehicle for exercising Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) terminals and host equipment. It gives you an independent means to test and evaluate the platform/user Link 16 data link implementation during development, integration, testing and deployment.