Upgrades for the growing Citation Jet family

Pilot inside a Citation Jet equipped with Collins Pro Line Fusion

Your tasks, at your fingertips

King Air aerial map screen

Set up your flight plan, view maps and charts, and analyze weather — all right in front of you, and all with the touch of your finger.

See your flight on the big screen(s)

King Air aerial map screen

Three 14.1”, widescreen displays put your flight information on display. And, you can customize your primary flight displays (PFD) and multi-function displays (MFD) — full screen or split screen — you choose.

Need to make adjustments? Just touch the screen

King Air aerial map screen

Making flight plan adjustments or setting up an approach procedure has never been easier.Touch the screen, and make your changes. It’s that simple.

Familiar console controls

King Air instrument dash

Don’t worry — we haven’t taken away the keyboard and joysticks. Updated components make it easier than ever to input data or make adjustments however you prefer.

Add value while equipping for modern airspace

Since Pro Line Fusion comes from the same company that brought you Pro Line 21, it’s a relatively easy upgrade. A new wiring harness and installation procedures keep downtime to a minimum, and we’ll even integrate your aircraft’s current autopilot and radios to save time and money.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a more valuable, modern aircraft that is ready for today’s airspace demands, while delivering a flying experience you won’t soon forget.

It’s time to join the club

Ready to learn more about Pro Line Fusion for your CJ1+/2+/3? We’d love to tell you more about the product and even show it off in person.

Contact your local dealer or Collins Aerospace Regional Sales Manager to get started.

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