Design your aircraft cabin with premier executive seating that offers the comfort and amenities that seasoned travelers have come to expect. Our executive seating options are where business meets pleasure.

Evolution II

A new generation of seating that combines first class seating articulation and construction with executive seating movements. Featuring our patented mini-base pedestal technology, the seat provides a smaller footprint and creates an open feel for the cabin.

Features & benefits

  • Z-lounge position achieved with 4.0" clearance to bulkhead
  • Wall-hugging smooth operation
  • ATSB™ adjustable thoracic support backrest
  • Heel-clearance leg rest for ease of egress
  • Tilting headrest – independent motion

Tilting headrest

Heating, cooling and massage comfort options available

Available with standard base or pedestal mini-base

Leg rest with negative stow-angle

Articulating seat pan with comfort springs

Variable width arms

Mechanical, electrical and electrical assist actuation options


Adjustable thoracic support backrest

Odyssey Series™

With the Odyssey Series™, we’ve built on the innovations of our UCT 2.0 aircraft seat to beautifully blend comfort and technology. Odyssey is a traveler’s seat engineered for the future, with optional wireless controls. Odyssey features a standard base and fully certified mini-base installation capability. Our patented mini-base provides an open cabin that designers and owners desire.

Features & benefits

  • Proprietary ergonomic backrest and seat pan improve long-term seating comfort
  • New surfaces minimize the amount of foam required and reduce upholstery weight
  • Proprietary pedestal base makes getting into and out of the seat easy
  • Ideal for all seating positions throughout the aircraft
  • Scalable and customizable design concept
  • Unmatched comfort
  • Modular construction
  • Low cost aircraft integration
  • Flight tested reliability

Adjustable headrest

Variable width between arms

Mechanical, electrical and electrical assist actuation

Adjustable leg rest

Articulating seat pan

6" x 9" tracking and 345° swivel

Available with standard base or pedestal mini-base

Full berthing recline