Add powerful communications performance and flexibility to your battle management and air traffic control environments with our 721S fixed site VHF-UHF radio transceiver. This AM/FM V/UHF radio gives you reliable, long-range communications that can efficiently handle highly congested operational conditions.

An optional full-color display and software-definable touchscreen on the removable RCU-710 radio controller unit offer you an intuitive 721S V/UHF receiver-transmitter user interface. It provides radio control and status as well as voice audio and keying connections.

The 721S also offers you superior interoperability via an Ethernet-based command and control system, and industry-standard severe cosite operation.

Features & benefits

  • Clarity™ noise reduction technology
  • 30- and 50-watt AM carrier options
  • Drop-in replacement for GRC-171/-211 radios
  • 50,000-hour mean time between failures
  • Supports L-11/-22 and a variety of external modems
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use remote control options
  • ED-137 VOIP and network addressable
  • HQ I/II, and SATURN now available

Clarity™ Noise Reduction Technology– 721S Family of V/UHF Radios

Increase your mission success with Clarity noise reduction technology. Clarity significantly reduces background noise in transmit and receive modes by removing non-syllabic audio (e.g., cockpit/aircraft noise, heating/cooling system noise, street and office sounds, and signal interference from co-location pollution). The result is a clean and uncluttered communication signal between ground radio operators and pilots with improved power and transmission distance.

A fighter jet prepares to take off. The text 'Increases voice quality and clarity' is overlaid on the image.

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