From avionics to propulsion and interiors to simulation and training, Collins offers a breadth of modernization and upgrade solutions for your tanker transport fleet.

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Military C-130 plane in night photography

The NP2000 offers eight composite blades and digital EPCS -- providing operators reduced vibration and interior noise while improving speed holding and blade synchronization. 

NP2000 Propeller System

Pro Line Fusion® Avionics System for Embraer KC-390

A new generation in military transport, a new standard in avionics. 

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Head-up Guidance System App

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Experience head-up and eyes-forward flying with the Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) app from Collins Aerospace. With this application, you can use your iPad to simulate flying an approach into Innsbruck, Austria, and Queenstown, New Zealand, under a variety of weather conditions.

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Simulation & Training

Flight simulator

Flexible, immersive and realistic training across domains, we deliver solutions that span the entire spectrum – in live, virtual and blended environments - to ensure optimal readiness.

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Virtual Avionics Procedure Trainer (VAPT)

Our Virtual Avionics Procedures Trainer (VAPT) aids in the training needs of today’s flight crews, enabling them to develop skills and rehearse missions before going to the aircraft. VAPT provides your rotary- and fixed-wing crews with a training experience that uses the same avionics display information and operational functionality on the ground as they will in the air. It’s a solution that is scalable, tailorable and minimizes the high costs of other training methods.

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