The Collins Aerospace ARR-7000 is an advanced cognitive decision aiding application that allows pilots to quickly react to stationary or moving threats encountered along the flight path.  ARR-7000 will alert the pilot when it detects a conflict and generate a new flight plan to avoid the threat while minimizing the impact to the original mission. Re-routes can be optimized for time, fuel, safety, ATC acceptability, or other factors, and pilots have the ability to review the re-route before it is executed.

The ARR-7000 is a FACE™ Conformant Certified software product that provides an open architecture 3rd party interface. This allows customers and systems integrators to utilize aircraft unique sensors and networks for data inputs. 

Features & benefits

  • Increases safety through the use of continuous monitoring and alerting of the aircraft trajectory and route for potential risk conditions.
  • Reduces pilot workload by providing conflict free corrective actions through proposed route modifications.
  • Data source agnostic design enables ARR-7000 to easily adapt to multiple data sources.
  • Low risk - ready to integrate now, with DO-178C support artifacts.
  • No license required for commercial export
  • iPad and Flight Deck versions available
  • FACE Conformant certified

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