Extend the life of your aircraft lighting while decreasing power consumption with our LED lavatory lighting. To save power, the light operates at 50 percent illumination when vacant and 100 percent illumination when occupied. Our LED lavatory lighting is easy to retrofit and maintain, and offers a number of benefits over legacy offerings.

Features & benefits

  • Greatly extended service life (5,000+ hours)
  • Connected to existing 28 VDC aircraft power
  • Offers stepped dimming capability with two levels of intensity: 50 or 100 percent
  • Can be connected directly to 28 VDC aircraft power
  • Reduced power consumption (13 W fluorescent compared with 10.9 W LED)

Easy installation & maintenance

The LED lavatory light assembly consists of an adapter plate assembly, LED light assembly, three standoffs and mounting hardware. You can easily mount and wire the assembly into an existing location, and the existing lens and its hardware are reusable.