What is MOSA?

Mosarc as a MOSA family of solutions systems

Mosarc is the definitive solution to the Air Mobility Command's (AMC) definition of MOSA.

Collins Aerospace’s Mosarc is a revolutionary digital backbone solution that meets open systems standards while ensuring the separation of air vehicle and mission system equipment and the ability to manage the exchange of information between the two. This increases performance, safety, and cybersecurity.

At Collins Aerospace, we know that flexible, open-system solutions are the key to preparing military fleets for the challenges of tomorrow’s battlespace.

Infographic describing the components of Collins Mosarc avionics solutions: Displays, networks, computing solutions, and software.

Our open systems approach incorporates the AMC's technical and business strategies to provide systems that are well supported by Collins Aerospace and third-party embedded system providers from aviation and associated industries.

This approach uses the incremental acceptance process as defined in DO-­297, which enables integration and acceptance of new components into a deployed Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) system, as well as maintenance of existing components, without the need for re-acceptance efforts for air-refueling and air mobility systems.

In addition, our leadership in groups such as the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium provides us with unique open systems expertise and ensures we are at the forefront of open systems development and integration.

It’s the flexibility the U.S. Air Force expects for its KC-135 aircraft and we’re ready to deliver.

Features and benefits of Mosarc

  • Enables make/buy trade studies to converge to a best-in-class solution
  • Integrates re-use and risk reduction
  • Reduces vendor lock due to enhanced competition
  • Provides availability of industry-standardized tool suites
  • Offers obsolescence management and tech insertion at the module level
  • System built on a variety of portable applications
  • Architecture is developed with a separation between the air vehicle and mission systems for rapid integration of third-party interfaces
  • Software can port over legacy software applications

Legacy of family systems with Flight2™

As the current prime systems integrator and longtime provider of Flight2 upgrades and sustainment for the KC-135, we are familiar with every aspect of the aircraft.

Building off the best of Flight2 functionality, Mosarc is our newest and most advanced, open system avionics solution. In addition to allowing for third-party integration, Mosarc offers the reduced workload pilots are looking for, plus the improved flight safety and performance the Air Force requires. Our hands-on expertise and our understanding of the aircraft’s avionics give us a unique perspective when it comes to performing successful, affordable upgrades for the platform.

What sets us apart

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Flexible, future-ready design

To prevent vendor lock and easily enable third-party integrations
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Technical expertise

Count on our proven IP and technical knowledge of the platform.
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Turnkey, affordable upgrades

Streamlined, cost-effective upgrade process with minimal downtime
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Partner support

Extensive presence at Tinker AFB for on-site support

Key benefits

  • Affordability
  • Enhance competition
  • Flexible future-ready design
  • Reduces risk
  • Technical expertise
  • Enhanced secure technology transfer
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Facilitates technology refresh
  • Partner support
  • Enables cost savings or avoidance
  • Improves interoperability

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