Collins Aerospace provides the tools and services that support an airline’s mission to operate safe and efficient flights, from initial planning until the aircraft is parked at its destination.

Doing so requires an increased focus on connecting the cockpit to improve efficiency, optimize performance and reduce the aircraft's time on the ground. It also means providing flight tracking capabilities that display critical aircraft data that helps make enroute decision making more accurate, efficient and cost-effective.

Key to robust Flight Operations is message management software that enables the simple exchange, integration and automation of messaging across an airline’s fleet, business systems and remote sites.

But even the best planned flights can be disrupted by bad weather. Collins Aerospace provides meteorological solutions that can help improve pilots’ ability to predict what’s coming so flight paths can be adjusted as needed.

For the better part of a century, Collins has been an innovator for aviation connectivity and the intelligent aircraft. Today, we continue to lead the way by leveraging new, high bandwidth communication technologies to deliver new efficiencies for airlines and airports.

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