The business-jet cabin is a home away from home for the business traveler. We think it should feel that way. With our Venue™ cabin management system – along with optional connectivity and content solutions – your Global 5000 or Global 6000 cabin becomes an even more inviting place to work and relax.


Private jet lounge view

The discerning traveler expects a life of no compromises. Collins Aerospace's Venue cabin management system has been designed to fulfill that expectation – every time you fly.

Stage™ on demand

Tablet on jet lounge table

Elegantly streamlining every aspect of on-board content delivery, our Stage™ on demand brings an unrivaled level of luxury to your cabin’s entertainment capabilities. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more on their preferred mobile devices and laptops.

A rich variety of content is refreshed monthly from a web-based menu designed for the flight director’s ease of management. This convenient, subscription-based service includes add-on options such as news feeds, stock updates, sports and weather forecasts.

Airshow® Moving Maps

Person using tablet
"Are we there yet?"

There's a reason that moving maps are the most popular feature of any in-flight entertainment system. Understanding the flight progress, geographic location and scheduled arrival time is vital and deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages.

Give your passengers the power of engagement with Collins Aerospace's industry leading Airshow® moving maps. Beautiful 3D graphics, greater geographic detail, unparalleled global coverage and intuitive interface give travelers an unmatched, in-control view of the world around them.

Airshow Moving Maps

Tailwind® TV

TV screen on jet lounge area

Our Tailwind® family of airborne satellite TV systems allow you to receive the most comprehensive and compelling content available in the air, whether you’re traveling in the contiguous United States or between multiple regions worldwide, such as Europe and the Middle East.

ARINCDirect Cabin Connectivity Solutions

Satellite overlooking Earth

Whether you are part of a private flight department, large corporation or charter operation, you know that in-flight connectivity is a must in today’s information-enabled world. That’s why Collins Aerospace's ARINCDirectSM cabin connectivity solutions offer you a variety of options and additional services to meet your phone, fax, voice and data needs. These options include Inmarsat Jet ConneX (JX) and SwiftBroadband, Iridium and ViaSat® mobile broadband.