Unleashing a new era of flight

Now, through the intelligent harmonization of innovative solutions across Collins Aerospace and Raytheon Intelligence and Space businesses, we’re accelerating research and development for our UAS traffic management (UTM) partners and reducing the inefficiencies of building with incompatible aircraft systems.

Staying Ahead of Tomorrow

unmanned aerial vehicle

Although it seems new operating standards and breakthrough drone technologies are evolving faster than infrastructure can be deployed, Collins UAS programs are working with industry and transportation authorities to enable critical capabilities such as Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations. We’re uniquely equipped to navigate this kind of agile environment and trusted by operators and agencies around the world.

Accelerating AAM innovations

  • Integrated flight support and data solutions
  • Secure aviation communications network
  • Air traffic management expertise
  • NASA National Campaign NC-1 program participant
  • United Kingdom Future Flight program participant

WebUASSM Flight Support Services

mobile and laptop software

WebUASSM by Collins Aerospace is a digital suite of integrated flight operations services tailored for commercial UAS operators and Providers of Services for Urban Air Mobility (PSU).

By leveraging expertise in global Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight planning and filing, connected aircraft systems and air-to-ground communications, Collins WebUAS helps create a common operational picture (COP) for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) applications.

With broad compatibility in mind, Collins has intelligently designed WebUAS to support a wide variety of uncrewed aircraft OEM platforms as well as 3rd party digital weather and surveillance systems. WebUAS can even ingest live aircraft tracking data from primary radar feeds. This platform-agnostic approach to design helps create a clear picture of aircraft activity, weather information and collision detection data within airspace where WebUAS is being used to monitor and manage autonomous aircraft operations. This helps UAS operators and UTM authorities alike increase airspace utilization efficiencies and reduce flight safety risk factors.

WebUAS features & benefits

  • UAS service supplier (USS) platform
  • Supports RTCA DO-365 detect and avoid standards
  • USS ASTM F.38 UTM compliant
  • C2 Link integrity monitoring
  • Supports third-party service integrations
  • Graphical map, weather overlays and tracking
  • Customizable user groups, profiles and permissions

Airspace Surveillance & Tracking

a trailer with a radar unit surveiling the airspace

Skyler by Raytheon Intelligence and Space is an active electronically scanned array radar solution that surveils airspace and atmospheric conditions for air traffic management and flight operations. Skyler provides low-altitude coverage and enables aircraft tracking capabilities to help enable deconflict solutions and enable BVLOS drone operations.

Skyler Features & benefits

  • RADAR without moving parts
  • Low-altitude coverage
  • High-resolution aviation and weather data
  • Scalable from single radar to network
  • Digital apps to support multiple missions
  • Compatible with WebUAS

Global Flight Planning Services

Pilot using tablet

Collins ARINCDirectSM is a connected ecosystem of intelligent flight support tools that simplify operations management for corporate flight departments.

As advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft such as Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) become certified, tools to manage daily operations such as flight planning, aircraft and crew scheduling, and air to ground communications will become necessary to fly them.

Trusted to generate and file flights for more than 5,000 business and government aircraft globally, ARINCDirect is in a unique position to help emerging AAM aircraft OEMs develop flight planning profiles that can used to compute and file safe, accurate and efficient flight plans within today’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.

ARINCDirectSM Features & benefits

  • Online flight planning
  • Tailored aircraft weight and balance
  • Aircraft performance and runway analysis
  • Probabilistic automated routing
  • Integrated charts with graphical weather
  • Global flight plan and APIS digital filing
  • Airspace notifications and alerts
  • 24/7/365 flight operations

ARINC global network

Autonomous operations

Collins’ ARINC global network is a secure and aviation-dedicated air-to-ground digital communications network with terrestrial and satellite-based integrated services.

ARINC global network Features & benefits

  • Reliable, 99.999% network availability
  • Millions of messages delivered each day
  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center Integrated
  • VHF/HF, SATCOM and 3G/4G/5G service
  • Supports IATA, AFTN, ACARS, EMAIL, SMS and customizable message sets

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