Whether you upgrade your Challenger 605 flight deck to our Pro Line 21™ Advanced avionics system or add options to it on your Challenger 650, you can look forward to greater performance. That includes efficiencies that can deliver time and cost savings whenever you fly.

Feature-Rich Baseline Capabilities

ADS-B Out (DO-260B)


As a cornerstone of NextGen® airspace modernization, the ADS-B Out mandates are fast approaching. Ensure you are mandate compliant in the United States by the end of 2019 and by mid-2020 in Europe and other areas.


Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV)

Gain greater access to heavily congested or terrain-challenged airports. LPV enables you to take advantage of shorter approach routing and lower landing minima to maximize fuel savings.

  • Unprecedented access to more airports and runways
  • Cat 1 like approach minimums as low as 200 feet and half-mile visibility
  • Over 4,000 LPV approaches in the United States, growing by several hundred per year

Higher memory for databases

Now you can avoid the hassle of changing out databases around the world. With Pro Line 21 Advanced, you can use one world database for navigation.

No flight management computer batteries to change

That's one less thing you have to worry about.

Multifunction Multifunction display with enhanced IFIS

Reduce your pilot workload with advanced, split-chart display capability that eliminates the need to constantly slide the approach chart up and down to find information.

The latest Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) feature lets you toggle through the pertinent parts of the chart, such as the briefing strip and profile view. At the same time, you'll always keep your plan in view - maximizing your awareness in flight.

Airport diagram displays automatically upon landing

Seamlessly transition from runway to taxiing. Your geo-referenced location appears on the airport diagram after landing.

eCharts linked with FMS for lighter pilot workload

Load an approach in your FMS and your IFIS Jeppessen charts automatically populate. This reduces the steps to get the information you need right in front of you.

Options to Make the Flight Deck Your Own

Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A) Capability

Earth with data signal streams

Equips your Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft to comply with mandates for access to the preferred North Atlantic Tracks across the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, it positions you for the first steps of Data-link Clearance (DCL) implementation domestically.

Whether using CPDLC to cross the Atlantic or moving to the front of the line by obtaining your clearance via data link, CPDLC technology allows you to get your clearances faster and be the first off the ground.

Synthetic Vision System (SVS)


On approach into a busy, unfamiliar airport, SVS creates a virtual Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) environment by adding distinct mile markers, runway highlights, lead-ins and airport dome to easily identify any destination airport.

RNP AR 0.3

Equip your aircraft for easier access to heavily congested or terrain-challenged airports. Take advantage of shorter approach routing and lower landing minima to maximize fuel savings and time to your destination.

MultiScan™ Full-Color Weather Radar

Pro Line MultiScan

You can't control bad weather, but you can avoid it with a fully automated radar operation displaying the complete weather picture out to 320 nautical miles ahead of your aircraft. Set the radar in AUTO mode and your pilots will no longer need to make adjustments to tilt or gain controls. Additional features include certified turbulence detection out to 40 nautical miles and OverFlight™ protection, which mitigates the risk of inadvertently penetrating thunderstorm tops.

XM satellite weather enhancement

Provides high-resolution, strategic weather data with updated awareness of changing weather patterns in the continental United States, as well as portions of Canada and the Caribbean. XM includes uplinked global weather and enhanced usability of electronic charts, maps and documents. The system also automatically displays the airport chart once your aircraft lands.