Our technology roadmap is driven by the vision of a new generation of more connected, more autonomous, and more efficient aircraft operating safely in a global heterogeneous airspace.

Focus areas

  • On-aircraft and air-to-ground communications systems for Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) – including performance improvements of existing operational systems and evaluation of emerging technologies (5G and Non-Terrestrial Networks, or NTN) for seamless global coverage
  • Decentralization of computing through cloud/network convergence to support future aeronautical CNS systems for low-level flight operations
  • On-board, high-performance computing systems, including runtime-adaptable, distributed embedded systems and custom microarchitectures for specialized functions to support high-performance, safety-critical computing systems
  • Performance analysis of heterogeneous computing platforms, including characterization of timing determinism to meet safety and security requirements
  • Emerging novel computing architectures for reaching new size, weight and power (SWaP) benchmarks within highly integrated systems to mitigate Moore’s Law and other limitations in traditional computing architectures