Collins Aerospace Leads the Way in Thermoplastic Composite Manufacturing

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Thermoplastic composites are making an impressive mark on the aerospace industry today. Manufacturers are achieving reduced manufacturing cycle times of 80 percent, products are up to 50% lighter compared to earlier iterations and sustainability is far more advanced than we’ve seen in years past.

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What Are Thermoplastic Composites?

Thermoplastic composites are getting a lot of attention these days as the aerospace industry increasingly uses them to replace various metallic and thermoset composite parts.

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The Future of Aerospace Is... Plastics?

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In a famous quote from the timeless 1967 movie "The Graduate," a young Dustin Hoffman receives some prescient advice. His father's friend tells him about the path to future success: "One word…plastics." Few would have believed then that even airplanes would one day be built out of plastics.

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Superior Weight Savings

Up to 50% weight reduction compared to metallic structures and 20% lighter than thermoset structures

Unmatched Expertise

20+years experience

100+ highly trained employees

2k unique parts

Supporting 20 aircraft platforms – and growing

Sustainable Solutions in Less Time

Up to 80% reduction in manufacturing cycle time compared to thermoset

Potential for 100% recyclability at the end of its lifecycle

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies


20+ research and development centers


~70k sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space


8 stamp forming presses

10 CNC trim stations

4,200 tools created

High-Temperature Flexibility

700° F temperature to mold materials

<400° F operating temperature

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