Fly lighter, with less fuel

Aircraft structures made with thermoplastic composites can reduce operating costs and make flight more sustainable.

Airplane in flight

We’re advancing innovative materials and breakthrough technologies to create lighter weight, more sustainable components – from the smallest brackets to even larger, complex fan cowls – to reduce the overall weight of an aircraft. And lighter means more fuel-efficient. With automated manufacturing and integrated thermoplastic composite structures, we can help you fly lighter – and shape a more sustainable future along the way.

Superior weight savings

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Up to 50% weight reduction compared to metallic structures and 20% lighter than thermoset structures

Unmatched expertise


years experience
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highly trained employees


unique parts
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Supported aircraft platforms – and growing

Sustainable solutions in less time

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Up to 80% reduction in manufacturing cycle time compared to thermoset

Potential for 100% recyclability at the end of its lifecycle

Advanced manufacturing technologies

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20+ research and development centers

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~70k sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space

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8 stamp forming presses

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10 CNC trim stations

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4,200 tools created

High-temperature flexibility

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700° F temperature to mold materials

<400° F operating temperature

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