The Collins Aerospace Enhanced Reality Vision system (ERV-30) is a lightweight, wearable waveguide display that mounts onto the warfighter’s helmet or goggle and can deliver a variety of digital information to the user’s forward field of view. ERV-30 technology uses an advanced digital process that brings augmented-reality capability to a polycarbonate protected display that is roughly the size and shape of an eyeglass lens.

Features & benefits

  • Conformal packaging and large viewing area provide fast alignment and easy fit, enabling a true visor HUD for the soldier
  • Large eye box with extended eye relief
  • Full red/green/blue (RGB) color
  • Displays information such as symbology that includes data, maps, external video or wireless weapon sights
  • Ultra-low distortion of the transparent lens enables unobstructed vision for hands-free operation, day and night
  • Polycarbonate external cover plate for improved durability