Distance Measuring Equipment enables a pilot to establish the distance of the aircraft to a beacon, ground beacon, on board receiver and data display. Experience unparalleled scanning performance – while decreasing ground station loading – with the DME-2100 from Collins Aerospace.

This latest generation of highly successful DME radios relies on digital technology to performance while increasing reliability by using minimal analog circuitry and a lower overall component count. The DME-2100 design gives you highly accurate distance data outputs in all modes of operation. Error sources in the interrogator are identified and reduced to the lowest level. In addition, optimum methods in all modes of operation reduce naturally occurring noise contained in the DME/TACAN signal and improved ident algorithm.

A comprehensive self-test monitor allows you to determine its operational status to a greater than 99 percent confidence level.

Features & benefits

DME instrument gauge
  • Performance improvement through digital technology
    • More accurate distance calculations with decreased noise in system
    • Improved power interrupt capability
    • Enhanced BITE
  • Weight and Power Consumption Improvements
  • Does not require forced-air cooling
  • Qualified to latest HIRF and Lightning Requirements