With the Collins Aerospace MFD-2912 multi-function display, you can view video and graphics on a stunning, SXGA+ resolution (1050 by 1400 pixels), high-performance Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD).

The unit can display video data received via a display visual interface (DVI) or from optional fiber-optic Fibre Channel Audio Video (FC-AV) inputs. This color, flat-panel unit has a large display area (9 by 12 inches) and gives you a wide viewing angle (+50 degrees) for excellent cross-cockpit viewing.

A state-of-the-art Multi-domain Vertically Aligned (MVA) LCD provides high contrast over the viewing angle. The wide-dimming-range backlight that illuminates the AMLCD enables sunlight readability and night vision goggle compatibility. Application software is loadable via an Ethernet data bus.

Features & benefits

  • Large 9-by-12-inch active matrix liquid crystal display: Supports simultaneous display of both video and primary flight information
  • SXGA+ resolution (1050 by 1400 pixels): For demanding video and graphics applications
  • State-of-the-art MVA LCD: Provides high contrast over a wide viewing angle
  • Displays high-resolution digital video: Two DVI video channel inputs
  • Modular design with integrated 3D graphics generator
  • Graphics generator supports OpenGL
  • Dual PowerPC processor: Provides proven performance for the most demanding avionics applications
  • Support for multiple operating systems (VMOS, Wind River, Green Hills)
  • Dual independent 100 Base T Ethernet ports
  • Software is Ethernet bus-loadable without removal of the unit
  • Various control panel options or bezel keys
  • Wide dimming range (0.05 to 200fL) provided via highly reliable LED backlight
  • Night vision imaging system/night vision goggle compatible Class B (all colors)

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