The aviation messaging ecosystem is complex. With so many different systems, protocols and formats, having one system to handle all messages is key to keeping operations flowing.

Collins Aerospace ARINC MailSM solution is a web-based messaging platform that supports all aviation protocols and formats – including Type B, e-mail and ICAO messaging – to make communication simple.

Ideal for airlines, ground handlers, cargo operations, caterers and flight dispatch operators, ARINC Mail is accessible globally on any internet-enabled device. Our high-availability aviation network provides a single-platform, easy-to-implement solution for connectivity to aviation messaging that meets IATA standards.

The simple, email-like interface provides fast and easy navigation of the system to increase productivity and reduce training. It can be seamlessly integrated with your existing operations to eliminate the need for costly new infrastructure. ARINC Mail is highly secure, intuitive and configurable to perfectly meet your needs.

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