a rendering of an airplane door

Composite structure

Our resin pressurized molding technique enables the design and production of so-called "one-shot" composite aircraft doors that dramatically reduces the number of detailed parts and fasteners used to assemble them.

Pax door


Our door design experts are hard at work to ensure our doors are simpler, cheaper and easier to operate than current aircraft doors.

Composite structure

  • Up to 20% lighter than current wide body passenger doors
  • Up to 85% part count reduction
  • Up to 80% fastener count reduction
  • Up to 20% lower cost than current wide body passenger doors
  • One-shot out of autoclave primary structure
  • Thermoplastic structural secondary elements


  • 10% lighter than current wide body passenger door mechanisms
  • 10% lower cost than current wide body passenger doors
  • Lower operating force and smooth operation

Emergency Power Assist System (EPAS)

  • Simplified architecture
  • Improved reliability
  • Optimized pressurization source


  • 20% decrease in slide pack system volume
  • 20% decrease in slide pack system weight
  • Incorporation of slide pack system health and readiness monitoring through SMART device application

Sensors and controls

  • Door position detection and indication
  • Door flight lock and EPAS control
  • Electronic unit integration with the passenger door subsystem and aircraft

Enhanced vision

  • Enhanced situational awareness for (seated or standing) cabin crew
  • Wider viewing angles than traditional windows
  • View of key ground areas during surface operations
  • High resolution images
  • Ability to monitor engine inlets and wing leading edges
  • Ability to view remotely from any area of the aircraft
  • Recordable video

Collins Aerospace has the ability to offer customers a one-stop procurement destination for composite aircraft doors. We bring together four historic businesses to produce and integrate six unique aspects of aircraft doors into one superior customer experience. By designing and integrating each of the door subsystems, Collins can deliver significant cost and weight savings that will pay out over the life of the aircraft.

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