Building on the success of our VHF-2100, the next-generation VHF-2200 multi-channel software-defined radio advances VHF technology while reducing the hardware required for VHF functionality on your aircraft. Get all the communication capabilities of two legacy receivers in a single VHF-2200.

Poised to satisfy all current and future VHF communication needs for the air transport industry worldwide, the VHF-2200 enables the latest in VHF voice and data communications. Count on highly reliable performance and greater availability.

Features & benefits

  • Meets all current and known future mandates while combining the capability of two receivers into one
  • Certified on Airbus aircraft
  • Increases VHF communication capability and significantly reduces size, weight and power requirements
  • Qualified to the latest DO-160, DO-254 and DO-178 standards, as well as the minimal operational performance standards associated with VHF voice and data functionality