ARINC VeriPax reads boarding passes using either 2D barcode scanners, automated gates, or even through biometric identity checks. Passengers are automatically screened against airline host systems and airport databases in real time, determining clearance and providing alerts to agents when necessary.

Not only does VeriPax speed up, strengthen and simplify the security process, it delivers a dynamic solution that can improve operational efficiency across the board. Passenger monitoring tools can track movement, prevent queues from forming, and predict arrival patterns. Decision-making at the gate can also be improved as airlines have a better understanding of passenger progress through the terminal.

When deployed with automated gates - and even biometrics - VeriPax also delivers the self-service, contactless journey that passengers are seeking today. Verification can occur without even needing to present a boarding pass. Benefits include:

  • Speeds up security checkpoint processing
  • Verify passenger information in seconds using barcode scan or biometrics
  • Agent-assisted or self-service deployments
  • Supports transition to common-use self-service and off-airport processing
  • Customizable for “Watchlist” validation, Departure Control System (DCS) reconciliation and future digital signature encryption
  • Track passenger arrival, movement, and queues
  • Passenger Management tools and dashboards