Warfighters require precision and accuracy to execute their missions, which becomes more difficult when GPS is compromised. Collins Aerospace’s next-generation mounted APNT solution, also known as Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing System (MAPS) Gen II, maintains the integrity of positioning and timing in GPS-contested environments and keeps up with the pace of current and future enemy threats and technologies. To reduce vehicle system changes, Collins Aerospace also uses a smart, two Line-Replaceable-Unit (LRU) system that cleanly replaces the existing navigation system in the vehicle for easier upgrade and sustainability.

The MAPS Gen II system

Comprised of Collins Aerospace's NavHub™-100 navigation system and Multi-Sensor Antenna System (MSAS-100), the new MAPS Gen II solution brings heightened protection levels against the evolving GPS threats to support multi-domain operations and mitigate the evolving electronic threats that warfighters are facing today. New benefits of our system include Military Code (M-Code) capability and improved levels of reliability through patented Modernized Signal Tracking (MST) that enhances GPS integrity.

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NavHub™-100 navigation system

The Collins Aerospace NavHub-100 is the navigational solution that generates and distributes Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (APNT) information to all systems onboard the platform through one device.

  • Provides a high-assurance, accurate navigation solution across GPS threat environments with industry leading NavFusion of multiple sensors
  • Implements modernized signal tracking to ensure GPS integrity
  • Supports Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) standard interface
  • Includes M-Code Security Certified Card
NavHub-100 navigation system

Multi-Sensor Antenna System (MSAS-100)

Additional protection comes with the ground-based MSAS-100 anti-jam antenna, providing superior immunity in the most severe GPS-challenged environments.

  • Provides simultaneous GPS L1/L2 protection
  • Delivers exceptional anti-jamming performance. (Actual performance for specific threat environments varies and is classified. Contact us for more information.)
  • Incorporates seven-element CRPA
  • Supports Y-Code and M-Code anti-jamming
  • Includes AltNav single patch antenna, barometer and orientation sensor to support Assured PNT applications
Multi-Sensor Antenna System MSAS-100

Experience you can count on

Collins Aerospace has remained a world leader in the design, development and integration of airborne and ground connectivity solutions for over 85 years. As part of that legacy, we have a 50+ year history of providing high performance PNT solutions for military airborne, weapons and ground applications on manned and unmanned platforms.

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