Protect your avionics with our backshells, featuring electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, environmental seals, strain relief for cable assemblies and housing for boards and circuits. They’re all designed to fit your unique application, whether you need a stand-alone product or an enhancement to other cable designs. We’ll use tooling, machining or injection molding to manufacture backshells that meet your performance specs, with the materials and plating to withstand hostile environments.

Molding & Injection Molding Materials

  • Polyurethane to MIL-I-24041
  • Stycast™ to Mil-I-15923
  • Sylgard™ to Mil-CRF-23586
  • Silicon
  • Valox™ and similar plastics

Machining materials

  • Aluminum with appropriate plating/paints
  • Delrin™ and similar plastics