Unleash your Falcon’s full capabilities

Keep your avionics within the Collins family – a trusted partner that knows the Falcon platform well and is the only OEM-supported option. Given all the upgrade benefits listed below, you’ll see that Collins has the updated technology Falcon owners need -- to do more and save more.

Why upgrade now? After December 2023, legacy CRT displays will no longer be supported. You’ll want to make sure all your systems are in place and fully supported so you can keep flying.

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Featured upgrades

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)


View crucial data across easy-to-read, large-portrait LCD displays.

  • LED backlighting technology for increased reliability
  • Increases readability of radar alerts, electronic charts and real-time weather updates
  • Large displays for vital flight information that improve situational awareness

Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A)

PL4-21 Falcon FANS display

The Pro Line 21 upgrade is required for FANS 1/A, offering cost savings, faster routing and enhanced communication options.

  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C)
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)
  • NAT compliance for cross-oceanic routing
  • Meets equipment requirements for domestic DCL/Data Comm
  • Works with current Flight Management System (FMS) control display units
  • Increases aircraft’s market value

MultiScan Weather Radar

MultiScan Weather Radar

Safely and efficiently navigate complex weather.

  • Improve situational awareness
  • Detect adverse weather conditions from up to 320 nm
  • Doppler turbulence detection available from ranges of up to 50 nm
  • Real-time rerouting recommendations to help avoid dangerous weather

Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV)

IFIS with LVP data screen

Gain unprecedented access to more airports and more runways.

  • Cat 1-like approach minimums as low as 200 feet and half-mile visibility
  • Over 4000 LPV approaches in the U.S., growing by several hundred per year
- Jerry S., Sales Team, Collins Aerospace

Synthetic Vision System (SVS)

Falcon 2000 SVS elevation display

Enhance situational awareness with our advanced, graphics-based vision systems.

  • Weather-independent vision in all flight phases
  • Active departure and arrival runway views
  • Seamless integration with the Collins FMS
  • Optional flight path vector symbology
Watch: Pro Line 21™ Synthetic Vision Systems Overview

SXM Weather Service

Satellite radar

Receive improved, real-time weather alerts to aid pilot decision-making.

  • High-resolution CONUS data refreshed every 2.5 minutes
  • No altitude or line-of-sight restrictions like ADS-B In
  • Don’t wait 12 hours, winds aloft reported every hour with SXM

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