TacNet™ Tactical Radio is the smallest, most affordable and greatest range for its size Link 16 terminal available today. At one-fourth the size and weight of current Link 16 terminals, it provides critical network connectivity to platforms that traditionally have not had access to the network. These platforms include Unmanned Aerial Systems, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), mobile and transportable ground stations, rotary wing and small maritime assets. Our team is able to leverage our proven expertise in modular architectures and thermal management to reduce your overall integration risk. TacNet Tactical Radio is tested and qualified to NATO and Department of Defense requirements and standards to ensure interoperability across all platforms using the Link 16 network.

Features and benefits

  • Volume of 182 cubic inches, weight of under 10 pounds
  • Smallest size Link 16 terminal available
  • Increased crew survivability due to maximum operating range available in a small form Link 16 terminal
  • Still-air convection cooled: No forced air, no cooling plate, no moving parts
  • Three selectable power modes: 1W, 50W and 90W
  • Dual or single antenna transmit and receive
  • Better voice and relay capability: up to 100% Time Slot Duty Factor (TSDF)
  • Full Link 16 message capability: Interoperable with MIDS and JTIDS (Link 16)
  • Jam resistant and crypto secure
  • Certified for full Link 16 net availability; 127 possible nets
  • Frequency remapping and extended sync endurance
  • Embedded geodetic navigation
  • Simplified integration: Mounts in any orientation, any location providing maximum platform integration flexibility
  • Interfaces with existing Link 16 High Power Amplifiers to achieve up to 1 kW transmit power

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