We acquired IP Unwired, a leader in military mobile wireless communications and networking, in 2006 and continue to invest in our business and presence in Canada.

The subnet relay technology developed in our Ottawa facility is in use with customers worldwide, deployed with some of the world's major navies.  Additionally, our Canadian-designed Tactical Application and Communication Test Bed enables customers to simulate operational military scenarios using models of military applications, devices and protocols through a fully distributed discrete event communication simulator.

We are also bringing the best of breed products and solutions from across our global enterprise to Canadian defence forces.  For example, we specialize in providing our customers with high performance communications in any environment.  Our offerings for Canadian defence forces include:

  • Networked communications including HF, Wide Band HF, SATCOM and software defined radios
  • Tracking and targeting systems
  • Hand held micro GPS systems
  • Simulation and training systems

Simulation and Training

Military Simulation and Training

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