Cabin environment comfort is critical to passenger satisfaction, and air quality is an essential component. We’ve designed thermal management systems that allow you to perfectly condition your aircraft’s temperature, humidity, pressure and freshness, while properly maintaining cargo temperatures.

To best meet your specific air conditioning needs, we offer both pneumatic air cycle refrigeration and vapor cycle refrigeration technologies.

In our pneumatic air cycle refrigeration systems, cooled fresh air mixes with recirculated air and is heated or cooled before delivering it to your aircraft compartments. Our patented condensing cycle promotes high efficiency throughout this process, reducing system weight. And sophisticated software-based controls optimizes performance. Our highly reliable air-bearing air cycle machines also lead to longer intervals between overhauls.

Our vapor cycle refrigeration technology offers more efficiency and reduced weight. Electrically generates chilled air using environmentally safe refrigerants in a closed-loop system, requiring smaller and lighter components compared to a standard vapor cycle.

Features & benefits

Aircraft air management systems
  • Passenger and aircrew comfort
  • Safe cargo storage and handling
  • Temperature and humidity control