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The harshest test environment

Our facility includes one of the most capable wind tunnels in the world – blasting ice particles at Mach 0.9 and providing temperatures down to -90° F (-67° C) and altitude up to 50,000 feet (15,420 meters).

Design features

With over 60 years of air data experience and innovation, we provide robust air data systems. They relay vital information for aircraft flight control by providing highly accurate measurements over a wide range of angles of attack and airspeeds, even in extreme icing conditions. Collins Aerospace’s air data sensors have demonstrated success around the world on most aircraft types.

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Simplified design

Less parts and maintenance for aircraft operators

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Reduced weight

Delivering enhanced operational efficiency

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Ease of installation

Initial installation and replacement require less time

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Improved accuracy

Reliable measurements and system compatibility with almost all aircraft types

SmartProbe® Air Data System

Gen IV Smart Probe

With highly advanced air data sensing technology, and fewer parts by design, our SmartProbe air data systems rise above traditional air data systems for their simplicity in architecture. Because each SmartProbe unit features its own air data computer to calculate air data parameters, the need for pneumatic tubing and some of the electrical wiring is eliminated. The result is superior performance and operational reliability.

Traditional air data system

Traditional Air Data System

Smart Probe air data system

SmartProbe Air Data System

Proven success in a variety of platforms and programs

Our air data systems have demonstrated success on a diverse range of military and commercial aircraft, helicopters and unmanned vehicles. Their versatility and adaptability have made them the preferred air data solution for new and retrofit programs. As a premier, tier-one integrator and aftermarket solutions provider, Collins Aerospace stands ready to integrate with your platform.

SmartProbe / SmartPort® Programs

Smart Probe platform timeline

Angle of Attack Systems

AOA device

Precise, reliable measurement and display of angle of attack (AOA) from takeoff to landing can substantially improve aircraft performance as well as assure a safe operating margin above stall speed.

Our patented swept tapered vane minimizes aerodynamic drag and provides excellent dynamic response and higher accuracy in turbulence. It is electrically de-iced by a self-regulating, solid state heater that does not require thermostats, thereby decreasing system complexity and increasing reliability.

Total Air Temperature (TAT) Sensors

EPTAT device

Increases in air traffic, operating costs and performance demands have made precision air data measurements necessary for safety, economy and maximum performance.

Our family of TAT sensors are among the leading precision sensors available, designed for all weather use with temperatures ranging from -94 ° F to 662 ° F (-70 ° C to 350 ° C), speeds up to Mach 3+ and altitude up to 100,000 feet (30.5 km). Our latest Enhanced Performance TAT (EPTAT™) features a swept-style strut and modified scoop design, offering enhanced performance in supercooled rain and ice-crystal icing conditions.

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