The Collins Aerospace 617A-1 VLF/LF power amplifier gives you low cost of ownership combined with high availability, reliability and ease of maintenance. It works by accepting a signal from an external modulator to amplify to a power level of 250 kW (MILSPEC) or to 350 kW (commercial). To achieve power levels of 2 MW, it uses a parallel connection of multiple amplifiers. It combines the output of 16 solid-state power amplifier modules and feeds the amplifier combining network for filtering and a 90 phase shift. In addition, it enables you to retrofit to antenna matching systems previously fed by a vacuum-tube transmitter and modulator-determined modes. You’ll also benefit from features such as automatic or manual tuning, high efficiency, graceful degradation and Built-In-Test.

  • Solid-state 250 kW or 350 kW capable of continuous duty
  • Primary power input to RF output efficiency is greater than 90 percent
  • Harmonics, spurious emission and noise to −80 dBc radiated
  • Extensive Built-In-Test
  • Local and remote control with standard PC
  • Graceful degradation through elimination of single-point-failure electronics
  • MTBCF over 1,500 hours
  • Availability of 0.9985 at full power
  • Automatic carrier cutoff and recycle on arc detection
  • Fully protected against current overload in modules and power supplies
  • Automatic tuning with constant surveillance available for varying load conditions