Redefining Futures

At Collins Aerospace, vision and forward thinking have always been parts of who we are. When we look to the future, we see critical issues facing our global society – and more importantly, we see opportunities to play a definitive role in solving them. Through our changing focus on corporate social responsibility, we are looking at not only what we are doing here and now, but also the impact we are making on future generations around the world. We call it Redefining Futures.


Inspire out youth

Inspiring our youth

Inspiring the next generation of thinkers and leaders in STEM careers is critical to meeting the workforce needs of tomorrow. But when you look closer, there’s an opportunity to make an even larger societal impact. By encouraging girls and minorities to pursue opportunities in STEM and engaging with them at an early age, we can close the gender and race gaps in technology and drive progress toward parity.

Collins Aerospace is committed to reaching underrepresented youth in STEM between ages 5 and 16, when interest in STEM is high. Through these initiatives and working closely with our non-profit partners, we will enhance diversity, drive innovation and reshape the STEM workforce – all while inspiring future generations to redefine their futures

Investing in our workforce

Investing in Our Workforce

There’s a critical skills gap in our society today. By investing in our workforce, we can close a widening skills gap and create opportunities for more people to lift themselves out of financial hardship.  Through educating our near-term and current workforce of available jobs and providing skills training to these workers, we can help to both alleviate skills gaps and introduce individuals to more lucrative job opportunities.

To build the workforce of tomorrow, we are making significant investments in skills training, partnerships with organizations accelerating equality in the workforce and programs that connect us with everyone from high school students to veterans transitioning from military to civilian careers.  It’s one way we’re working to redefine futures – for both industry and humanity.

military and defense

Strengthening Our Communities

We understand that achieving change on a global scale often starts at a local level. At Collins Aerospace, we support communities where we live and work and are doing so with a focus on areas in which we can make the greatest impact.

Through our 70,000 employees around the globe working together, we are helping underserved communities grow and prosper through innovative programs and ideas, fostering local projects that drive sustainability and the responsibility toward the environment, and supporting initiatives that are important to our employees and our business. We’re proud of the communities we call home and are taking steps to strengthen them today – and well into the future.

Charitable Grants

Corporate Giving

To make the biggest impact where it is needed most, Collins Aerospace has aligned our charitable giving around three pillars including:

Inspiring our Youth: Engaging and inspiring youth historically underrepresented in STEM fields to enter engineering and technology careers

Investing in our workforce: Developing and expanding skills of the current and future workforces

Developing inclusive and sustainable communities: Supporting the communities where our people live and work

2022 Collins Aerospace U.S. Charitable Grant Application coming soon