Airshow™️ for Airline Cabins

Airshow™️ ASXi Moving Map

Man viewing seatback video display featuring Collins Aerospace Airshow Moving Maps

There's a reason that moving maps are the most popular feature of any in-flight entertainment system. Understanding the flight progress, geographic location and scheduled arrival time is vital and deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages. Give your passengers the power of engagement with Collins Aerospace's industry leading Airshow® moving maps. Beautiful 3D graphics, greater geographic detail, unparalleled global coverage and intuitive interface give travelers an unmatched, in-control view of the world around them.

An engaging world awaits

  • Point-of-interest panel – Features high definition images with captions and interesting information on various points along the flight route.
  • Flight progression map – Shows various progression views, including preflight route, total route map and distance traveled.
  • Flight information page – Displays flight information parameters based on real-time data from the flight navigation system.
  • Relative location indicator – Indicates the distance to cities or points of interest, relative to your aircraft’s position.
  • Map styles – Uses state-of-the-art photo imagery with unprecedented color and realism.