Our engineers, scientists and researchers are committed to advancing transformative technologies that will benefit our world – not only today, but for generations to come. Each of our discipline teams is dedicated to driving innovation – whether their focus is on automation and artificial intelligence, cyber, sustainable stewardship of natural resources, or new ways to power the systems we all rely on.

Whether you represent a university or consortia, another well-established company, a start-up with big dreams, or you're pursuing your own research, we're curious about what drives you. And, if the planets align – let's talk about ways we might collaborate.

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Recent collaborations

  • Our Applied Research & Technology researchers frequently participate in government-sponsored science and technology programs. For example:
    • We are performing research for DARPA, NASA, AFRL and other U.S. agencies to bring about the next generation of safe and cybersecure aircraft for civilian and military applications.
    • In Europe, we are founding members of – and serve on the governing boards of – both the Clean Aviation program and SESAR. Clean Aviation develops sustainable and climate neutral aviation technologies, and SESAR creates digital innovations for the Single European Sky.
  • We partner with university labs and consortia with aligned technology interests. For example:
  • Innovation partners