Our high-performance suit, also called the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), is the world’s smallest spacecraft. Its core design makes it 90 percent extensible across space missions to low-Earth orbit, the Moon and Mars with a common logistics footprint.

And with missions to the Moon and Mars planned for the near future, the Collins next generation EMU is the right choice when it comes to keeping future astronauts and commercial passengers well, comfortable and ready for space travel – wherever their explorations may lead.

Collins Aerospace NextGen Spacesuit - Inspiring & Advancing the Future of Space for all

Collins Aerospace is dedicated to inspiring and advancing the future of space for all with our next generation space suit, designed by astronauts for astronauts.

Astronaut reviewing data on a next-generation spacesuit helmet visor

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Next-Generation Spacesuit

Next-Generation Spacesuit

Artist rendering of an astronaut on the moon with Earth visible in the background