Blended maintenance training

Our blended maintenance training suites combine virtual learning environments with physical training solutions, such as hands-on or part-task trainers, to ensure realistic training for the warfighter. 

Physical maintenance training

Collins’ physical training solutions make use of part-task trainers (PTTs) and/or hands-on trainers (HOTs) to allow your students to understand the look and feel of maintenance actions on the actual weapon system that they will repair. All subsystem or component parts are either real weapon system parts or are perfectly replicated in look, feel and weight of the actual component being repaired.

Virtual maintenance training

Our virtual training solution uses a PC-based Diagnostic Troubleshooting Trainer (DTT). Our DTT contains a fully modeled weapon system that includes all subsystems and components. The DTT can integrate the interactive electronic training manual for your specific platform, enabling your students to train as they will actually repair in the field. The virtual environment also lets your students perform all tasks required for troubleshooting, including removal and replacement of failed components and subsequent performance checks to ensure the system is functioning properly after repair.

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Whether you need a spare to keep your aircraft flying or would like enhanced functionality on an existing product, Collins Aerospace offers extensive parts and repair services to meet your mission requirements and keep your equipment operational. We can provide new or used parts, engineering services or tailored performance based programs to support your mission requirements.

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