Collins HUD Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer provides pilots a portable training platform to support training to proficiency on Collins Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) products. The device combines Collins Aerospace technologies to create a high-fidelity, immersive training environment that maximizes knowledge transfer to the pilot.

Features & benefits

  • Familiarizes pilots with HUD/HGS operations in a realistic, 3D virtual reality cockpit environment
  • Portable – train pilots anytime, anywhere
  • Costs a fraction of full-motion simulator procurement and usage
  • Uses rehosted aircraft HUD software
  • Offers a full range of weather, runways and airports
  • All Collins Aerospace vision systems are available to overlay on the HUD
  • Provides out-the-window visuals

Vision system operations

  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
  • Combined Vision System (CVS)