Collins Aerospace's TITAN solution will reduce sensor to shooter latency, which is critical when it comes to making decisions rapidly. Our TITAN solution delivers targetable data in seconds. It uses automated capabilities that rapidly task sensors, receive and process data, and exploit multi-int data to seamlessly disseminate targeting information to TITAN operators to use as decision aides.

Ready now, Collins’ TITAN solution is open, modular and vendor agnostic, ensuring low lifetime costs and easy future upgrades and tech insertion as the Army needs. The company’s solution is backed by more than 50 years of experience in satellite system development, production and data management, communications design and integration and effectors.

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  • Targeting-quality accuracy in seconds
  • Keeping it simple
Open and modular architecture

The solution’s C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards, or CMOSS, and Sensor Open Systems Architecture approach provides an accelerated path to TITAN’s ground station modernization schedule for brigade and below. The CMOSS suite of open architecture industry and U.S. Army standards enables the reduction of system size, weight, and power, and facilitates commonality across multiple platforms by enabling the sharing of hardware and software components.

Targeting-quality accuracy in seconds Keeping it simple