We have demonstrated our preparation for the future by bringing to market our first digital radio altimeter, the LRA-2100, which replaces legacy analog-based radio altimeters. We also offer the LRA-900+, a proven solution with improved internal filtering that may boost your current equipment.

Our extensive and proven experience with software-defined radio technology has enabled us to develop reliable, minimally invasive, next-generation LRA solutions that are immediately available to help increase safety and keep your airline operations flying.

5G & Aviation Safety

In today’s rapidly changing 5G landscape, knowing the facts is critical for ensuring the trust and safety of your passengers. Collins Aerospace has proven solutions now to keep your operations flying.

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Understand the risks

High-powered 5G signals can interfere with low range radio altimeter functionality in aircraft. This interference could result in misleading altitude information going to the pilot, potentially creating a very dangerous situation.

Low range radio altimeters (LRAs) determine the vertical distance between the aircraft and the ground when that distance is less than 5,500 feet. This information is used during initial approach, final approach and autoland. LRAs were not originally designed to operate with high-power interference in directly adjacent bands.

As the telecom industry powers up 5G near airports in the coming months, aircraft will be required to meet newly defined specifications, certification and performance requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If your aircraft does not meet the new specifications, you could face additional route restrictions and diversions, causing costly delays.

Understand the solution

Collins Aerospace has the solution – available now. Our radio altimeters have been tested and proven to be resilient against high levels of 5G interference.

Is your Boeing or Airbus fleet currently equipped with one of our LRAs? Upgrade it with a simple filterable solution, Collins' LRA-900+. The LRA 900+ is designed to fulfill new 5g interference requirements without additional cabling, wiring or antenna updates. The performance of the LRA-900+ will meet the Group 4 expectations proposed by the FAA and industry.

Our LRA-2100 is a radio altimeter that provides precise, digital height measurements above terrain during aircraft approach, landing and climb-out phases of flight, reducing the possibility of 5G interference. Aircraft fitted with the LRA-2100 provide trusted altitude information to the automatic flight control system, instrument system, and terrain awareness and warning system. This accurate information greatly improves flight safety.

We support aircraft manufacturer Alternate Means of Compliance (AMOC) by offering future-ready solutions for 5G interference. As the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) and the FAA release long-term 5G tolerance criteria in the near future, Collins Aerospace will continue to support our customers with reliable solutions that meet industry requirements.


Boeing 737
  • Provides proven performance in high-powered 5G environments
  • Minimal service down time
  • No additional cabling, wiring or antennas
  • Reduces 5G impact to flight operations and safety
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Airbus A320 at jet bridge
  • Provides proven performance in high-powered 5G environments
  • Has no runway exclusions under current AMOC process
  • Satisfies long-term needs and requirements
  • Reduces 5G impact to flight operations and safety
  • The LRA-2100 has no limitations within the U.S market
Learn more: LRA-2100

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