From the fleet to the operations center, Collins Aerospace has everything an airline needs to enable the connected aviation ecosystem.

Airlines depend on us to help analyze the data their fleets generate so they have the insight necessary to make flying better than ever before.

Both airlines and passengers benefit from our digital offerings because our full range of connected solutions provide better access to information, which enables better decision-making. As a result, airlines access more fuel savings, enhanced flight performance and proactive maintenance capabilities. This means not only a greater return on investment for airlines, but also a better flight experience for passengers.

Whether it’s from ground and inflight operations to passengers and beyond, our connectivity solutions help streamline operations, offer a more sustainable future and enhance the overall passenger experience. It’s time to unlock the true potential of your airline, airport, or ANSP to access greater operational efficiency, fewer flight delays and an improved passenger experience.

Comprehensive power

"We have everything an airline needs to enable a more connected ecosystem."

  • Onboard hardware
  •  Air-to-ground connectivity
  •  Airborne applications

Power to predict

Historical aircraft and flight data combined with real-time data provides powerful, unparalleled knowledge for improving airline operations. Receive updated flight plans, traffic notifications and identification of potential turbulence ahead and reroute flights as necessary. Foresee aircraft maintenance before having to unexpectedly pull an aircraft from service.

Power to analyze

Data is everywhere. From ground and inflight operations to passengers and beyond, our connected solutions give you actionable insight to help streamline operations, contribute to a sustainable future and enhance the passenger experience. The power to analyze is about connecting the right people with the right data at the right time.

Power to optimize

Gain improvements in operating efficiency and asset management with enhanced routes and schedule planning. Our solutions quickly and securely transmit information to dispatchers, maintenance workers, and other personnel. Not only will you see improvements in flight performance, but you’ll also realize a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions for more sustainable operations.

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