Our ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE™) passenger processing system has been helping the aviation industry share resources and reduce operating costs for decades. Today, it supports more than 300 airlines at over 100 airports worldwide. We are relentlessly focused on providing the critical capabilities and applications to maximize your operations so you can continue to focus on your passengers.

cMUSE - State of the art passenger processing in the cloud

We developed our ARINC cMUSE cloud solution to provide even greater flexibility to optimize your operations. It eliminates software engineering costs without sacrificing any of the reliability, security or robust capabilities of our ARINC MUSE platform. ARINC cMUSE can be deployed in the public cloud, managed by Collins Aerospace or installed on-premise where there is still a requirement for core room infrastructure.

The cloud is a great fit for any size airport

ARINC cMUSE is designed to be interoperable with all current common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) technology and common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS). It optimizes resource usage and support overheads while eliminating the need for servers, core computing space and costly technical manpower. While it’s great for small to mid-size airports, airports of all sizes will benefit from being able to launch check-in services in just minutes, onsite or off, using only a PC, laptop or thin-client device with existing peripherals and a standard Internet connection.

Processing power wherever and whenever you need it

Perfect for irregular operations and seasonal requirements, ARINC cMUSE can be deployed on mobile devices and integrates seamlessly with a range of mobile peripheral devices. It puts the power in your hands to reduce queues and keep passengers moving at the most demanding times.

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