Enabling humankind to live, work and play in space

Making space safer and smarter with innovative technologies for customers across every sector

A new era in space travel has begun. Fueled by exciting partnerships between the government and private sector, today’s pioneers are stretching the boundaries of what’s possible to create a new vision of life in space – and Collins Aerospace is here to help make it a reality. With decades of experience supporting space exploration, our space suits and life support systems are low-risk and affordable, empowering the most extraordinary missions for commercial, government and defense customers.

Pioneering human exploration in space for over 50 years

From space suits, environmental controls and life support systems to operations support and power management and distribution, Collins Aerospace’s innovative capabilities and commercial technologies continue to advance the future of space. We were there when Neil Armstrong used a Collins space suit and radio to broadcast, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind,” during the Apollo 11 moon landing. From Apollo to Mars and beyond, continue to count on Collins to support your success.