Operadora AIRPLAN SAS expands its use of Collins Aerospace solutions at six Colombian airports

AIRPLAN S.A.S. will expand its use of ARINC AirPlan™ airport management solution (AODB and RMS) in a multiairport environment. AirPlan is integrated with the company’s FlightAware’s FirehoseSM & ForesightSM predictive data services, including both Flight Status Updates (ETAs) and Taxi-Out Duration predictions, increasing the accuracy, efficiency and automation of airport operations as well as helping to ease gate congestion and reduce aircraft turnaround times.

AirPlan, which now has both real-time and predicative data, enables operators across the six airports to use one system to maximize how resources are used, providing a number of benefits, such as reducing equipment footprints and costs, enabling and expanding new airport management capabilities to all six airports, and automating Airport Operational Process and Flight Information updates to increase data accuracy.

Sara Ramirez, General Manager of AIRPLAN S.A.S., said, “Since 2010, Collins Aerospace has been providing common use and airport operations solutions that enhance the flexibility of our airports and improve the travel experience for our passengers.”

Collins’ services cover José María Córdova Medellin International Airport (MDE), Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH), Los Garzones International Airport(MTR), Antonio Roldán Betancur Airport (APO), El Caraño Airport (UIB), and Las Brujas Airport (CZU) and includes a number of Collins Aerospace solutions such as:

  • ARINC MUSE™ – Common Use Passenger Processing System
  • ARINC SelfServ™ – Common Use Self Service
  • ARINC AirPlan™ – Airport Management Solution
  • ARINC AirVue™ – Multiairport Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

IT Maintenance services (L1, L2 and L3) are provided by Collins Aerospace ARINC Managed Services.