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Increasingly sophisticated adversaries. Evolving threats. New fronts. In today’s environment our defense customers need solutions that challenge conventions and enable faster, more informed decision-making across space, air, land, sea and cyber domains. At the center of this effort is the connected battlespace.

Our value

From strategic decision makers to the tactical edge, we’re helping armed forces prepare for future conflicts by enabling the integration of operations across every domain. We’re using our breadth of expertise, integration experience and deep relationships with industry and military partners to tackle the latest challenges and deliver the innovative capabilities needed to turn the vision of joint all-domain operations into a reality.

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Maximizing millions of dollars

through joint service technology development
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mission decision making from hours to seconds
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Connecting 100s of networks

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Linking millions of connections

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Our solutions

With our long history of providing software-defined radios, gateway solutions and communication systems, we know what it will take to connect the battlespace. We’re bringing new technologies and capabilities to allied forces faster with innovative solutions that integrate legacy and new assets, open systems architecture, digital engineering and militarized commercial technologies. As our allied forces and leaders look to redefine the future of all-domain operations, we’re ready to help them leverage the latest in digital technologies and artificial intelligence to ensure they can maintain their advantage in the rapidly evolving threat environment.

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We’re accelerating the realization of resilient, global mesh networks using connectivity solutions that meet the needs of existing and emerging platforms in land, air, sea and space.
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Secure processing

We’re using cloud computing solutions to improve the ability of joint forces to interpret vast amounts of data and share it across security domains all the way to the tactical edge.
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Autonomous and intelligent operations

We’re enabling rapid operations with intelligent sensor data processing and mission autonomy for real-time decision-making. And we’re optimizing how assets are coordinated and work together to accomplish the mission at hand.
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Open systems

To ensure a more agile and connected multi-domain battlespace, we offer open and modular solutions to enable rapid technology insertions and increased mission flexibility. Our cost-effective approach avoids vendor lock and assists customers in protecting previous investments while upgrading to new technologies that help them stay ahead of adversaries.

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Our latest

A military tanker transport aircraft at landing

Northern Edge 2023 CJADC2 Demonstration

The Collins Aerospace and Raytheon businesses in RTX teamed up at the Northern Edge large force exercise to conduct integrated, capability-enabling experiments using multi-INT sensing and intelligent gateway technologies to provide larger operational pictures for command and control centers.

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Fighter jet with Collins CJADC2 pod

Collins Aerospace and Operator Performance Lab Partnership

The critical partnership between Collins Aerospace, an RTX business, and the Operator Performance Lab at the Iowa Technology Institute facilitates early TRL testing of CJADC2 capability-enabling solutions that reduces costs to customers.

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Brown truck radio Edge demo


Demonstrated ready-now, mature, resilient networking, intelligent sensing, and secure autonomous processing at the tactical edge.

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Live, networked joint fires JADC2 demonstration

To support the JADC2 vision, Collins continues to rapidly demonstrate innovative, affordable, and available open solutions that connect users from strategic decision-makers to the tactical edge across all domains.

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Airplane below view

Collins Aerospace showcases JADC2 networking and connectivity capabilities at Valiant Shield 2022

Helping warfighters shorten the kill chain and deliver a common operational picture (COP) to distributed joint forces using advanced communication, networking, mission computing and sensing technologies.

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