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As an operator or maintainer, you need technical information to support your Collins Aerospace products and systems. This information ranges from traditional technical publications to electronically delivered information.

Rockwell Collins

Products relating to Rockwell Collins materials including business and regional aircraft, commercial avionics, and former B/E Aerospace seating (92802) can be found using the following portal:

Interiors (B/E)

For Interiors product lines for B/E Aerospace including Advanced Lavatories and Cabin Interiors (6S8D7), Beverage Makers (63367), Integrated Flight Structures(6S626), Ovens, Water Heaters and Coffee Makers (H0212), Oxygen (16827, D1379, 59LQ7, SDNM4 & 827BB), and Water / Waste (5E3E9) can be found using the following portal:

UTC Aerospace Systems

For technical publications from our UTAS product lines including Actuation, Aerostructures, Aircraft Wheels & Brakes, Cargo Systems, Engine and Environmental Controls, Electric Power & Propellers, Interiors, Landing Gear, and Sensors & Fire Protection can be found using the following portal:

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If you have any access issues or questions about content, please feel free to reach out to any of our contacts related to the business unit for your request and we will be happy to assist.

Rockwell Collins products

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Interiors (B/E)

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UTC Aerospace Systems products

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